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Vista aérea de Talleres BybsaVista aérea de Talleres BybsaVista aérea de Talleres BybsaVista aérea de Talleres Bybsa

Offices of CAD-CAM, CNC &programs.

We are provided of all sort of hardware and software systems for the machine and structures design, finite element study, kinematic simulation, simulation of machining, testing surfaces, ...






Machining section

For the manufacture of a wide variety of products, BYBSA has CNC high-speed & high load capacity milling machines and lathes. All this manufacturing machinery is networked with programming offices, so, to fully optimize manufacturing processes.


Welding section

Specialized personnel in welding with electrode, filament yarn, and tig for weld steel & aluminium, and argon for welding stainless steels and special






Assembly & adjustment section

BYBSA has a fully adapted place for mounting and adjustment of all machinery, whether it is large and highly accurate. To accomplish these tasks we rely on all sorts of control & verification tools for a complete adjustment of machinery manufactured.

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UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015

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Company: Tallers BYB, S.A.

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